One of the most common criticisms leveled at today’s sports media is that they rarely bring us any feel-good stories. I hope the following will serve as antidote to all the doom and gloom in the world today.

From Phil Mushnick in today’s NY Post :

In his 24th year as a Mets TV broadcaster ” more accurately, a voice of Cablevision/the Dolan Family ” Fran Healy is very likely approaching his final days in the Mets’ booth.

The new Comcast/Time-Warner/Mets channel next season takes over, and Cablevision is expected, as always, to make things as impossible as possible for a rival that owns the live sports programming that it used to own. That would make Healy (above), a Cablevision/Dolan lackey, an unlikely shipper.

And it’s probably too late for a makeover.

Healy was very strong in two broadcasting categories:

1) He always put the same happy/silly face on everything Mets. Last month, after the Mets blew a 9-7, ninth-inning lead at home to lose, 12-9, to the Brewers, Healy said that the big story of the game was Mike Piazza’s five RBIs. Typical.

2) Healy was always very viewer-friendly to the youngest members of the audience, meaning he spoke to everyone as if they were six-year-olds. Late Thursday night from St. Louis, Healy said this of Mickey Mantle: “Mantle may have been one of the most idolized baseball players ever.” Who knew?

Note to the New York Yankees and Bob Shepard : Kate Smith is dead. An act of mass suicide excepted, fans cannot “join” her in the singing of “God Bless America”, though they can chirp along to a recording of the screechy Philadelphia icon if they so desire.