I’m writing because of a old post on CSTB that’s causing me some trouble when people google my name. I’m a psychiatrist and when people google “Jason Cafer”, one of the first listings is

“Q : How Do You Fuck A Girl With No Legs?
DJ Jason Cafer of KCOU, Columbia, MO, claims he played 10 Frogs songs
in a … After a complaint about songs played on DJ Jason Cafer’s show
was posted on …

It’s from an April 1, 2004 post.

I have no problem with the story, just that it is always going to be near the top of the google list because of people searching for “fuck girl no legs” or whatever.

My only request to you is change the name of the headline to “How Do You F*** a Girl with no Legs?” or even better something less provocative.

I’m sorry to ask you to change the headline, because it is very clever. I would really appreciate it though.

By the way, it was determined that no laws or rules were broken, and I’m back on the radio.

thank you,

Jason Cafer

Dear Jason,

I know a lot of people google the phrase “how do you fuck a girl with no legs?” as it constantly shows up in our search string. As a psychiatrist, I hope this concerns you as much as it does me.

Not that our limbless sisters are undeserving of a full and healthy sex life (as I’m sure Paul McCartney would concur), but they also should not be subjected to this sort of objectification and exploitation.

Anyhow, I’ve googled you and the offending link is the seventh one to turn up. I hate to nitpick but the 7th most prominent entry featuring your name is hardly “near the top”.

Anyhow, I wish you nothing but the best with the above situation, as well as with all of the terribly unfair things Tom Cruise is saying about your profession.