Which is harder to believe, a quasi-religious cult that worships Alan Greenspan, or the notion that some would-be casanovas are quoting directly from Neil Strauss’ ‘The Game’ in their mating efforts?

The latter didn’t seem totally implausible to me. I mean, it would work better than quoting from the Dave Navarro book Strauss co-wrote. But, as so often happens in today’s truthiness obsessed journalism world,there is speculation that the man responsible for the the latter legend, made the whole thing up.

None of which will come as a big shock to noted provocatuer Tom Smith (above,To Live & Shave In LA, Peach Of Immortality, Adult Contemporary Records), who has already tangled with Nick Slyvester.

I could try to summarize the gist of Tom’s gripe with the (former?) Voice writer, but I don’t think any excerpt would really do it justice.

(Thanks to Joel Hunt for all of the above links).