A season-ending rotator cuff injury would be sad enough for any big league pitcher, but for the O’s Kris Benson it’s borderine tragic — there’s no escaping Anna for at least one year.

The Baltimore Sun’s Roch Kubatko, perhaps flashing that sense of humor he supposedly has, suggests the Birds approach Steve Traschel. Though given the number of mediocre pitchers who cashed in this winter, can you imagine how badly the Mets are burying Traschel to anyone who asks?

Marc Pearlman wonders “between Benson, Kazmir, and Zambrano, did that deadline series of trades a few years ago include a single non-injured arm?”

Technically, Marc, Scott Kazmir falling victim to Al Leiter’s dark arts is not really an ordinary injury.

Monday’s Award for crap P.R. goes to the Marlins’ diminutive dimwit David Samson (above), who has gone slightly overboard in trashing Miguel Cabrera’s unexcused absence at some bullshit preseason flesh-presser.

It was pointed out to Accu-jack enthusiast Samson that Miggy might be miffed over his pending arbitration battle with the Fish (Cabrera seeks $7.4 million, the club are offering $6.7 million) and here’s his reply for the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi :

“If he wins, he’ll be a very rich man and if he loses he’ll be a very rich man. And we’ll all fly back to start spring training.”

Translation : We have no chance of keeping the guy once his deal is up, so why not fuck with his head a little?