OK, in the past several months I’ve taken a somewhat critical view of Kickstarter campaigns designed to finance projects ranging from a movie with the dopiest premise of all time to the launch of a highbrow sports blog guaranteed to hasten CSTB’s obsolescence. That said, even if I could find a single thing wrong with a fundraiser for a new Jason Molina 10″ EP (with a portion of the proceeds going to Molina’s mounting medical bills), all objections flew out the window (or more appropriately, down the toilet) upon learning one of the premiums offered is a GG Allin coloring book by artist William Schaff. Whether or not The Bard Of Hooksett, NH’s estate has approved this endeavor I do not know, but it is certainly a more fitting tribute to the man than say, another attempt by Nachtmystium at covering one of his classics.