Oh for fuck’s sake.

“It’s uncorrupted and uncompromising art rock that thrives on a direct relationship between those who have something rare to give and those who want to support it”

Ok, that’s nice enough. But what does that have to do with the Silversun Pickups or the Smashing Pumpkins?

“Where’s our fucking parade?” I dunno, if you want a victory lap for something as nebulous / non-existant as something that isn’t even a real musical genre becoming part & parcel of the mainstream, how about the Grammy Awards or Coachella? Sure, those events do very little to advance the cause of history or further deeper musical understanding, but the same could be said of any initiative that suggests Snow Patrol broke any ground whatsoever.

We need more docs and books about the nutcases who weren’t part of ANY movement…and fewer where schmucks & parasites ramble on endlessly about “indie rock”. There oughta be a Kickstarter fund dedicated to STOPPING an “epic trilogy” (!) that suggests Rogue Wave and the Minutemen are part of the same movement. The notion that Dischord Records represents ground zero for indie is almost as wrongheaded as implying those pioneers oughta feel good about making the world safe for The Vines.