ESPN’s Andy Katz
is reporting that O.J. Mayo has told staff and players at Southern Cal he’ll be attending USC in the autumn of 2007.

Multiple sources said that Mayo wanted to be in a major media market and that he told the USC staff that he didn’t want to be just another name at a school like Duke or North Carolina. He wanted to win big, go to the NBA and already have been marketed in a media center. Sources also said that Mayo was very aware of the attention that USC’s back-to-back Heisman winners Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart received the past two seasons.

Pretty savvy for a high school kid. The name O.J. has already brought so much good fortune to the school,  I’m surprised no one saw this coming.

If the folks at Kansas State are looking for a silver lining, at the very least, this should free up a fair amount of Bob Huggins’ expense account over the next calendar year.