Jim Hoffman alert : more stupid sports references laced into rock commentary.

From the San Diego Union Tribune’s Tim Sullivan.

Padres General Manager Kevin Towers declined to discuss David Wells yesterday for fear it might be construed as tampering.

Mick Jagger, however, has no such qualms. You spend your life with Keith Richards and you learn to let some things slide.

During Friday’s concert at Petco Park, the venerable voice of the Rolling Stones made note of the pains taken to protect the playing field and its possible bearing on Wells’ future in San Diego.

“I told management you’d be careful with the sacred dirt of Petco Park,” Jagger told the crowd, “or else David Wells may never return.”

Sympathy For The Devil? You make the call.

As anyone who has heard ‘Primitive Cool’ (admittedly, very few people) can attest, Mick Jagger has a great sense of humor.