While Tim Marchman has an unusually rational take on the hysteria that led to Michael Phelps losing his Frosted Flakes endorsement deal (“I hope Phelps one day gets the chance to make a public service announcement telling the public that while burning the odd duchess won’t keep you from winning eight gold medals, stuffing yourself with high fructose corn syrup and salt every morning just might. The only apology due here is one from Phelps for lending his name and image to this garbage”), PFT‘s self-appointed morality watchdog Mike Florio all but invites the NFL to suspend Raiders RB Justin Fargas for his participation in the above video (link courtesy Deuce Of Davenport).

Under the league™s substance abuse policy, a player can be put into Stage One of the program if the Medical Director concludes that the player has engaged in conduct that œexhibits physical, behavioral, or psychological signs or symptoms of misuse or abuse of substances of abuse.

And you’d encourage such a thing because…why, exactly?  The league has no problem allowing Coors — a company with far more blood on their hands than a small businessman like Mr. Yukmouth — to use NFL Films footage for their monumentally unfunny commercials.  This might be the most interesting endeavor Fargas is involved in for the forseeable future and I cannot understand why any sane person would root for his censure.