…perhaps he thought “for the record” meant “say something other than the truth”.

Curiously, when Jose Canseco claimed knowledge of Rodriguez’ juicy ways, he was mostly dismissed (not for the first time) as a desperate, sleazy character willing to smear a colleague without providing evidence. Conversely, SI.com’s report — far more damaging to the Third Baseman’s rep than mere charges of vanity, is based on the claims of anonymous sources. Who are obviously more credible than Jose Canseco, despite being invisible.

It’s becoming increasing clear (duh) the influence of PED’s — hardly limited to fringe types like F.P. Santangelo or Manny Alexander — came to bear on the careers of multiple Hall Of Fame candidates and MVP’s. While the likes of A-Rod, the Sultan Of Surly and Roger Clemens suffer tremendous scrutiny and public ridicule, not nearly as many fingers are being pointed at the persons who employed them and profited wildly from their otherworldly performances. Take a bow, Bud Selig, Tom Hicks, Peter Magowan and George Steinbrenner — if the above athletes perpetuated a fraud, rest assured they couldn’t have done it without you.