As compiled by a Spurs advocate (link swiped from True Hoop).

The Arizon Republic’s Paul Coro and Doug Haller
claim Mike D’Antoni’s response to “Stu (Jackson) Sucks” tees being hawked outside US Airways Arena last night was to quip, “So my shipment finally came in?”  Could these be the same shirts New York sporting goods stores were trying to order in 1991?

Marcel Mutoni reports Stephon Marbury will soon appear on “Oprah”.  No offense intended, but a free pair of Starbury kicks for each audience member just isn’t that hot a door prize.

Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick
would have you believe that LeBron James and Damon Jones don’t know the difference between Darfur and the Psychedelic Furs.  Depending on how you look at it, the former is either guilty of inexcusable ignorance…or merely unfortunate to be the most prominent person who could be named and shamed in such an article.