While Rob Neyer insists the Brew Crew are coming back to earth soon (though Cole Hamels can make anyone look bad), at least one interested observer (and nearly 4000 friends) have pledged to piss themselves when and if Milwaukee returns to the postseason. (thanks to Wojohowicz for the link)

I have never seen a full Brewers season where they make the playoffs. Born in July 1982, I missed that amazing World Series run. It™s been a long 24 years- the longest playoff drought in baseball. With a young team of quality stars and shrewd management, we™re boldly making our move. I get so excited thinking about the Brewers now, a little pee comes out. In fact, When the Brewers make the playoffs I will pee my pants.

Not to be outdone, Howard Rubenstein promises George Steinbrenner will soil himself in the event the Brewers defeat the Yankees in the World Series.

On a slightly related note, Jermaine Dye hit his 7th HR of the season today, a 2 run shot surrendered by the Yankees’ Matt DeSalvo, and the White Sox are cruising at 4-0 after 5 innings. Jon Garland has allowed a pair of hits and 4 walks, while the Bombers’ Jorge Posada extended his hitting streak to 12 games with a 5th inning double.

It’s only fitting that a post that began with one man’s pledge to pee himself should end with the Cubs’ Ryan Dempster shitting the bed.