“”Only one person can own the most famous house in America today,” says the creepy estate agent from the story below, and incredibly, he’s not referring to the pending sale of Chez CSTB. From the AP :

Michael Vick’s rural Surry County home at the center of a dogfighting investigation has sold and will be auctioned Dec. 15.

The deed of sale to Todd Builders Inc. of Carrollton was filed Thursday in the Surry County Circuit Court clerk’s office, the Daily Press of Newport News reported on its Web site.

The 4,600-square-foot home and property sold for $450,000; it was assessed at $747,000.

Kyle Hause Jr., a real estate agent who assisted in the transaction, said Wilbur Todd Jr., the company’s owner, bought the five-bedroom house as an investment.

Hause will auction off the property at 1915 Moonlight Road at noon Dec. 15, five days after Vick is sentenced on a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge. Vick, a former star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, faces up to five years in prison.