Though I’m certain the words “I’d like Tom Brady’s helmet on my head” have been uttered by overexcited men all over this great land on many occasions, until now, we’ve not seen anyone do nearly this much to make it happen.

On the slightly related topic of Pats fans with sense of perspective issues, Shoot Your Hopes & Dreams takes Bill Simmons to task for mistaking REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin with Chicago’s Peter Cetera.

Anyway, immdediately upon discovering the error I, and presumably thousands of other pathetic losers, sent a message to Simmons alerting him of his mistake. Minutes later “Peter Cetera” was taken out of the article and replaced with “REO Speedwagon.” While I felt some form of accomplishment for righting an unforgivable wrong, I was troubled by the fact that Simmons would simply replace words in an already published article without striking through or at least mentioning the error.

Indeed, this could be a fascinating full hour topic for a future episode of “E-60”, if not worthy of a month long investigation by The Ombudslady.