Joe Cowley had the temerity to rank Derek Jeter a mere 6th on his AL MVP ballot, behind winner Justin Morneau, Jermaine Dye, Johan Santana, The Big Hurt and Big Papi. The Sun-Times scribe justified his tally to the New York Times’ Tyler Kepner thusly,

œI thought the guys in front of him were more important to their teams, Cowley said. œJeter is like a great lineman on a great offensive line. If the guard goes down, are they still going to be able to run the ball? Yes.

œAre they a playoff team without Jeter? Yes. I don™t think Derek Jeter single-handedly, with those numbers, carried them to where they finished. I think they still could have found a way.

For his trouble, Cowley suffered a very public chewing out, courtesy of WFAN’s Mike Francesca and Chris Russo (above). (link swiped from Repoz & Baseball Think Factory) File this one under “NSFWB”*.

The last time the duo piled on a phone-in guest so heavily, the guy flew an airplane into the side of a building.

* – “Not Safe For Working Brains”