(like we’re supposed to believe he had nothing to trade)

While Agent Zero refuses to play the Do You Know Who I Am? Card to score a Nintendo Wii
, others will go to extreme lengths to garner a PS3 writes the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Amy Carlson Gustafson (thanks to Brian Turner for the link).

Just how far will people go to get their hands on a new PlayStation 3?
Just ask KDWB-FM, 101.3’s morning show host Dave Ryan, who on Tuesday morning asked folks if they were willing to give up their baby for 24 hours in exchange for one of Sony’s highly coveted video game consoles. More than a dozen people called to offer up their kids, but only a few realized it was all just a gag.

“We got more calls than we could handle,” said Ryan, who referred to the practical joke as a “social experiment.” “They were lined up willing to turn their kids over to strangers for a freakin’ PlayStation.”

KDWB morning show executive producer Steve “Steve-o” LaTart said he was surprised how many people were interested in the bogus swap, which consisted of handing over your child to LaTart for 24 hours in exchange for a PS3.

“There were a lot of phone calls that we didn’t even get to and I would say three quarters of them were serious,” said LaTart.

People with babies of all ages . including a 2-day-old and a 1-week-old made it on air. One of the more serious sounding calls came from a woman named “Katie,” who agreed to give up her 1-month-old for three days. She wanted to sell the PS3 on eBay to make some extra money for the holidays.

“In a way it’s flattering that we’ve built up 13 years of trust and that’s great . yet at the same time, hey we thought we knew Kramer too, you just never know,” said Ryan referring to Michael Richards, who played Kramer on “Seinfeld,” and his recent racist comments.

After the KDWB crew admitted on air that it was all a hoax, Ryan was dumbfounded when “Katie” called back.

“She said, ‘So, does that mean I don’t get the PlayStation?’ I’m like yeah, you’re a dumb ass., and you don’t get the PlayStation.”