Points for honesty, if not blatant homerism to the Padres announcing team, as quoted by the San Diego Union Tribune.

œThere’s a prayer that I say in my car, and I have all week, said Ted Leitner of XX Sports Radio. œ ‘Dear God: Please not here, and please not me.’ And I mean that.

Said Matt Vasgersian of Channel 4 San Diego: œI hope it’s over and done with before he gets here.

Since that didn’t happen, Vasgersian and the combination of Leitner, Jerry Coleman and Andy Masur not only could be witnesses to history, but called upon to describe it.

And it’s hardly an exaggeration to say all four would rather visit Death Valley on a summer day than call home run No. 756 by Bonds.

œThe whole thing stinks, said Vasgersian, who must be wondering where a Fox assignment is when he needs it. œThe tone will not be reverential, nor will it be celebratory. It’ll be matter of fact.

œI don’t think I’ll say this, but the tone will be, ‘Like it or not, one of the most hallowed records, if not the most hallowed record in all of sports, will have an arguable stain over it, until A-Rod breaks it.’ 

All of this taking place, by the way, in the House Ken Caminiti Built.