The Austin quartet Sweet Talk were previously profiled in this space earlier this year , but it’s been a whirlwind 8 months to follow ;  a pair of U.S. tours, a pile of embarrassingly over-the-top press, a session on Terre T.’s “Cherry Blossom Clinic”, and now, a 12″ EP followup to their ‘Pickup Lines’ debut LP. Polished this past May in Denton, TX with the Marked Men’s Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke at the recording desk, the twin-guitar attack of Stephen Svacina and Mitch Fraizer has been captured in all it’s multi-dimensional glory. for those stunned by ‘Pickup Lines” all-killer/no-filler collection of new pop classics, ‘Flash Of Light’ is ample evidence these guys were merely getting started. You can preorder the EP here.