Actually, the real Derek Jeter isn’t nearly this forthcoming. From The Phat Free (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“No wonder why everybody around the country hates me, said a flustered Jeter. œI had no idea about the spoken suck-job I was getting every time the camera panned to me.”

Jeter did admit that he™s almost glad that he finally understands the average fan™s contempt for him.

œI thought that guys were just jealous, said Jeter. œYou hit it with Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey in the same lifetime, some guys are just gonna hate you no matter what. But some of these commentators are worse than my mother after three glasses of merlot, the way they gush about me.

œI was watching one game last month, and the booth guys spent 10 minutes talking about how nobody ran out a grounder better than I did. Technique, footwork, everything.

œAnd the worst part is, it was a Phillies-Marlins game, bemoaned Jeter.

Two of the most egregious offenders, FOX Sports™ Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, remained unapologetic for their bias.

œA player of Jeter™s caliber only comes along once every five lifetimes, began Buck. œBut a player that looks as good as he does doing it only comes along every 10!