A year removed from a 77-0 pasting, No. 22 Texas A&M are beating no. 2 Oklahoma, 28-14 late in the 2nd quarter. The Aggies’ Reggie McNeil has looked every bit the equal of the Sooners’ Jason Young thus far, but the day’s big play came on Jacob Young’s 71 yard pass to Earvin Taylor off a fake punt.

That said, everything else about this spectacle is either wildly exploitive or deadly boring depending on where you grew up. If these guys were getting paid, I’d be rooting for injuries. As is, I’m rooting for marching band/mascot injuries.

Update : O.U. 35, A&M 28 with 6 minutes remaining in regulation. 5 TD passes for White on the day.

Update Part Deux : O.U. hangs on at the gun when Ty Branyon’s hail mary is tipped away. Since he had no receivers open named Mary perhaps he should’ve tried something else.