announced earlier today that Hall of Fame journalist/TV analyst Peter Gammons is leaving the network, effective at the end of MLB’s current winter meetings.  Gammons had worked for ESPN for twenty years, his 1989 WWL debut following a two decade career writing for the Boston Globe and Sports Illustrated.

At the time of Gammons’ anyeurism in 2006,  I wrote, “may P.G. live long, prosper and continue to toss in the odd Warren Zevon / Eddie Vedderbedwetter (with apologies to Tom Smith) reference until the day the Earth explodes.” I’m hopeful Peter catches on with the MLB Network, otherwise baseball fans are doubly fucked (ie. no more Gammons, plus that armageddon business).

(EVENING ADDENDUM : Gammons has indeed, signed a deal to appear on the MLB Network, along with a new pact resulting in appearances alongside analytical titan Heidi Watney on NESN)