The Yankees and Angels were rained out Sunday, giving those assembled at the Nu Stadium a chance to consider reports Major League Baseball is investigating contradictions between Alex Rodriguez’ public statements and accusations found in Selena Roberts’ ‘A-Rod : From Pitch Tips To Bitch Tits’. To hear Yankee skipper Joe Girardi’s take on things, this persecution of a family man is hard to fathom. From the New York TImes’ Joe LaPointe :

œIt™s interesting that the book date got moved up now. And I get tired of answering these questions. I don™t understand why someone would write a book like this anyway.

Girardi said his objections to the book were not so much regarding revelations about use of performance-enhancing substances but rather with allegations about Rodriguez™s personal behavior away from baseball.

œFrom the excerpts I have read, I have heard that there are other negative things about his lifestyle, Girardi said. œI™m a firm believer that what we do off the field is our personal life.

The conversation began with routine inquiries about personnel moves and injuries, but Girardi™s voice seemed to catch briefly in an emotional way when questions about Rodriguez mounted.

œI have three small kids and there are things in my life that I probably wish I could have a re-do on, Girardi said. œI wouldn™t necessarily want those dragged through the mud and I™m sure you wouldn™t either. Sometimes, things are written about that none of us are proud of.

Assuming the Bombers aren’t going to use allegations Rodriguez used PED’s as a member of the Yankees to try and void his deal, Girardi is politically wise to offer measured support for his rehabbing superstar. But that doesn’t mean he’s any less full of shit.   If the highest paid player in the history of the game wants privacy, perhaps a high profile affair with Madonna isnt the best way to maintain it.  No one in their right mind wishes ridicule and embarrassment upon Rodriguez’ family, but blaming the messenger is more than a little disingenuous. A-Rod’s been one of the most heavily marketed, stage-managed athletes of the modern era ; the likes of Selena Roberts wouldn’t be nearly as motivated to delve into his personal life were his rumoured transgressions not in such  stark contrast to a carefully cultivated (well, at onetime,  anyway) public image. 

In the end, said image is in tatters, and it wasn’t Roberts or her publisher that stuck a needle in A-Rod’s ass. The non-PED stuff might seem off-limits to Girardi, but if Roberts is trying to paint a portrait of Rodriguez as a guy with zero integrity , it’s all part of the bigger picture.