Amare Stoudemire might be the biggest scoring threat on either team, but the Suns have proven utterly incapable of sufficiently guarding Manu Ginobli (above) or Tony Parker during either of their first round losses in San Antonio. And as you might expect, the Express-News’ Mike Finger is gloating just a bit heading into Game 3.

The night before Game 2, Phoenix coach Mike D’Antoni decided against another look at a Suns game tape and chose to watch a new episode of “Medium” instead. This was one of those six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other deals, because both viewing options offered visions of dead people.

Officially, the Spurs will fly to Phoenix on Thursday, and they might even lose a game while they’re there. But this series is over, as sure as disco and Bear Stearns are over, and for the Suns to deny it would make them look as silly as they would if they wore hotpants on Wall Street.

It was far-fetched enough to think these Suns ” these Suns who have lost 14 of 18 playoff games to the Spurs, and who have lost those games in every way imaginable ” could beat their nemesis in four games out of seven. But to win four out of five? After the punches to the gut the Spurs delivered them in consecutive games at the AT&T Center? Steve Kerr might as well try to trade for Bill Russell and see how that helps him.

You Go Live In Utah‘s Amanda has once again, proven to be a master of efficiency, combining live blogging of the Mavs’ Game 2 capitulation to the Hornets with the live blogging of her apartment cleaning.

8:04 – Tyson Chandler gets fouled. Speaking of foul, what died in my trash can? Seriously, Jesus may have built Ministry™s hot rod but Satan apparently is responsible for the contents of my kitchen™s garbage can. Hint from Heloise: don™t make Homemade Tortilla Soup then say œfuck it when it comes to taking out the trash that contains boiled down chicken remnants. You may regret it sometime in the near future.

6:40 “ Dampier elbows West. My cat throws up in protest in front of the TV. I kind of don™t blame him. Dirk dunks. My cat stops covering his puke long enough to stare at the replay.