While pointing out that Mark Teixeira is hitting a mere .235 for Atlanta and scoffing at the notion of promoting Fernando Tatis (8 HR’s so far in ’08) from New Orleans, MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone proposes just the tonic to take your mind off Carlo Delgado’s troubles.

the Mets should continue to pepper teams with ideas and questions about who is available in trade, specifically the Pirates and Xavier Nady, who, to me, is the most obvious solution¦he hits righty¦he has played nearly 100 games at first over the last few seasons¦he succeeded in “ and liked “ New York a few years ago¦he hits¦he™s balanced¦and he™s well liked in the clubhouse and among the fans¦the problem is that it will likely cost pitchers such as Eddie Kunz or Jon Neise to get him¦no, Jorge Sosa will not get it done.

While Kuff & The Buttheads are not necessarily unavailable for comment, I’m in no mood to disturb them, either.