Clot’s all folks? Or just karmic payback for putting Randy Niemann up at the Off Soho Suites? The Daily News’ Adam Rubin explains.

Tom Glavine’s health and his season are in jeopardy, a potentially crushing blow to the pitcher as well as to the Mets’ World Series ambitions, the Daily News has learned. Sources said the southpaw has experienced coldness in a finger on his pitching hand, and that the cause of the alarming condition isn’t yet known.
The 287-game winner is scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow, while an angiogram is planned for Wednesday.

Doctors are unsure whether the problem is related to a blood clot or possibly a “knot” in an artery near his left shoulder. Depending on the diagnosis, Glavine could miss little time or the rest of the season. The “knot” could require invasive surgery, while a clot might be able to be dissolved and limit the time lost.

Reached last night, agent Gregg Clifton said he could confirm that “diagnostic tests” are planned for this week, but he declined to elaborate. Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz said he was unable to provide any details and would not even acknowledge a medical issue. A teammate aware of the situation was similarly tight-lipped when asked if he could speak about how Glavine is doing, saying: “I would get in a lot of trouble for that.”

Minus Martinez and Glavine, the Mets would be left with a rotation headed by Steve Trachsel, Orlando Hernandez and John Maine. Brian Bannister and Oliver Perez are available at Triple-A Norfolk, while 2005 first-round pick Mike Pelfrey is nursing a strained lat (back) muscle. Perez combined with Tim LaVigne and Heath Bell for a one-hit shutout last night against Charlotte. The ex-Pirate Perez faced the minimum through five innings and struck out 11 over seven innings.

If the Mets are really desperate, there’s a certain Jetski enthusiast with an appetite for destruction who just became available.