On the bright side, Jose Reyes finally walked(!) and Cliff Floyd extended his hitting streak to 19 games. On the boo fucking hoo side, Tom Glavine started last night for the New York Mets.

Matthew Cerrone of Metsblog examines Tom Terrible’s body language.

Worse than what Tom Glavine said in the clubhouse following last night’s game was how he looked walking off of the mound a few hours earlier. He looked dejected, hanging his head. He looked defeated. For all of his finger-pointing the last few seasons, Glavine looked and sounded like an addict who finally realizes he has a problem. In fact, when asked if he was bothered by the round of boos he received while moping off the field, Glavine observed, “It’s not them. It’s me.”¦

All of which is in stark contrast to Glavine’s usual happy go luck persona. If Glavine is truly despondent over his lack of control and generally miserable performances, how can anyone tell? As long as there is open talk of the Yankees eating Jason Giambi’s contract, how long before the Mets contemplate the same thing with the former Braves ace?

Kris Benson and Mike Cameron are said to be making their returns any day now, Benson supposedly starting tomorrow against the Phillies. Cameron, if healthy, might provide a tonic for the bottom of the batting order given Victor Diaz’ recent return to Planet Earth.

MLB has denied the Mets’ protest of last Saturday’s loss to the Nationals at soggy RFK. Big surprise.