The Cincinatti Enquirer’s John Curnette has an amazing concept for us to ponder : a bidding war for the services of QB John Kitna.

(Link courtesy Jason Cohen who suggests “Jesus wants him to get 12 more starts. And make more money.”)

There’s little chance Jon Kitna will re-sign with the Bengals.

With the New York Jets at the front of an active market for his services, Kitna very well might get his chance to start again at quarterback.

“I was OK with (a backup role) the first year (2004),” Kitna said Friday. “Last year, it started in training camp – that desire, the competitive nature, was there.”

He said his religious faith is calling him to new work.

“Our ministry in Cincinnati was far greater than I could have expected,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the next phase. We did a lot of teen-age Bible study here. The Lord’s calling us to do a couple’s ministry on a new team.”