Though it might be fashionable to sneer at the young women and men who fill the cheerleading ranks, it’s worth remembering that some of our greatest Americans have roots in this noble pursuit. Will Ferrell. Kirsten Dunst. George Walker Bush.

OK, maybe I should’ve quit while I was ahead.

Anyhow, it’s dangerous work. From the AP :

A cheerleader for Southern Illinois University fell on her head during a routine performed Sunday at the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament championship game between Southern Illinois and Bradley.

The Salukis cheerleaders took the court during a timeout with 3:25 to play. Kristi Yamaoka, 18, from Springfield, Ill., fell and landed on her head with a loud thud heard throughout the Savvis Center. The incident quieted a previously noisy crowd of 13,969.

She was placed in a back and neck brace before being put on a stretcher. Yamaoka lifted her arms and waved to the crowd, which applauded her, as she was taken off the floor.

I’ve seen the footage in question and unless I’m hallucinating again (it’s been that kind of weekend), Yamaoka was performing a cheer while being carried away.

After seeing the University Of Texas “What Starts Here, Changes The World” commercials during today’s Oklahoma/UT game, I’ve only got one question : how long has Walter Cronkite been doing voice-overs for Whataburger?

Today was declared “Verne Lundquist Day” by the Austin Chamber Of Commerce. I’m not sure what it says about CBS’s talented mouthpiece that a day was declared in his honor in which relatively little commercial activity takes place,but next year, I’m holding out for “Verne Lundquist Week”. Nationwide.