From’s Len Pasquarelli.

Detroit Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen (above), arrested twice in the preseason, has been suspended for Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears and also fined $20,000 for what commissioner Roger Goodell termed “conduct detrimental to the league.”

The rare sanctions against a coach are the result of an arrest for nude driving on Aug. 24 and for drunken driving on Sept. 1, both misdemeanor charges. Lions coach Rod Marinelli suspended Cullen for the regular season opener but, after meeting with the first-year assistant on Dec. 1, Goodell decided that further action was required.

Pasquarelli has no details about what ensued during the meeting between Cullen and Goodell earlier this month, but perhaps the former should’ve chosen something else to wear to this important sit-down?

Anyway, I would love to go off on Cullen, but I’m afraid that doing so might cause Jason Whitlock to remind us about his girlfriend “porky pigging” with Derrick Thomas again.

In other exciting news, Will Leitch explains that some of his best friends are Jewish.