If the PetitionOnline drive to convince the U.S. Postal Service to issue a commemorative stamp in honor of the late Bard Of Hooksett, New Hampshire is any indication, we’re living in a bold new age of social activism.  If you think the following sounds unlikely, well, anything can happen in the wake of Jean-Louis Costes being awarded the Commanduer Dans L’Orde des Arts et Des Lettres.

We believe wholeheartedly and without reservation that counter-culture icon and entertainer, the late GG Allin is richly deserving of having a commemortive United States Postage Stamp issued in his likeness. His art, music, eloquent words and stage presence continue to remain a source of unbridled inspiration to millions of people worldwide. We feel that to ignore this request is in direct conflict with the ideals, hopes and dreams of our Founding Fathers who fought a tyrannical, oppressive regieme so that we may be free to express ourselves as GG Allin did.