good morning and a very Happy Hanukkah to all. As you’re probably aware, this week marks Yo La Tengo’s annual 8 night run at lower manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom and every year there is wild speculation over which artists, old or new, might be invited to appear as one of the surprise openers.

I’ve been reluctant to weigh in on the selection process — mostly because my calls and texts to the band have been blocked — but this year I was able to use my considerable influence to shoehorn my newest proteges onto one of the 8 nights.  Alas, I’ve since been told we’ll have to make other plans ;

anyhow, you’ll soon be learning about Burning The Bowery, the tri-state area’s premier Heart Attack/D-Generation / Jesse Malin solo tribute band. Apparently the promoter & venue handling YLT’s Hanukkah run took exception to the project name and no matter how many times I tried to explain it shouldn’t be taken literally, in the wake of the Great White / Station nightclub disaster, I do understand these clubs cannot be too careful. But it’s no big deal, BURNING THE BOWERY will still be doing their thing this coming Thursday night on the back of a flatbed truck parked in front of the Bowery Ballroom. I’ll be there with them in the FFC* making sure everything is running smoothly (ie. I’m gonna Colonel Tom the fuck out of these guys, which is to say I’ll be taking 95% of their income, covering up their sex problems and trying my damnedest to talk them out of calling their first album of originals, ‘We Couldn’t Suck Less (If We Sounded Like Mike Ness’)

(due to rights clearance issues, I am unable to use a photo of Burning The Bowery, so instead here’s an archival shot of the Star Spangles).


IC-RED – Jaywalk
Bomb Sniffing Dogs – Pills’N’Thrills And Energy Bills
Theo Parrish – Fallen Funk
UAN0021 – .07/T2
Dick Texas – Flies
Amateur Hour – Feel My Loneliness
Junk DNA – Minus 10, Alone In The Forest
Terry Hall & Mushtaq – Stand Together
Wasteland Jazz Ensemble – Untitled IV
Scarcity Of Tanks – Tread On You
Universal Congress Of – Joey
Che Chen & Patrick Shiroishi – Part 3
Anne-F Jacques & Claire Rousay – Won’t Be Home Tonight
excerpt from All Bad Boy & All Good Girl: Manchester Street Soul Soundtapes, 1988-1996 (Death Is Not The End)
Monitor – We Get Messages
Parker Allen – Rainbow