Proving to be almost as thoughtful a columnist as David Wells — who today urged the Yankees to dust off Chase Utley, lest he hit any more home runs to break Reggie’s W.S. mark — the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy insists Philly’s Game 6 starter Pedro Martinez “is still pitching for the honor of Red Sox Nation.”

In his role as Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher, Pedro knows he is carrying the colors for Sox fans around the world – just as he did in 2003 when Grady Little left him on the mound too long in the ancient ballpark across the street.

Yesterday Pedro was reminded that every thinking Sox fan is rooting against the Yankees.

œIt wouldn™t surprise me at all,™™ said a smiling Martinez. œI know they don™t like the Yankees to win, not even in Nintendo games. And knowing that I am part of Boston, I consider myself a Bostonian . . . I™m pretty sure that every Boston fan out there can feel proud that I™m going to try to beat the Yankees, and I™m going to give just the same effort I always did for them. They™re special fans, and they will always have my respect.™™

Pedro won the third game of the 2004 World Series (seven innings, no runs, three hits) in St. Louis and is looking to close the book on his October résumé with another Series win tonight. Don™t bet against him. The Yankee lineup scares most righty pitchers, especially in the Bronx, but Pedro can neutralize the Bombers with his smarts and location.

The Yankees were Pedro™s daddy when Grady left him on the mound too long in 2003. Tonight Pedro has a chance to make everything right. All these years later, he™s still pitching for the Red Sox.