So it seems Dino Costa is far from alone when it comes to using social media to issue wild threats ; the CBC reports Jays fan Nicholas Kharshoum, 24, of Kitchener, Ontario, received a home visit from the local mounties after threatening to throw a a statue of Ted Rogers into Lake Ontario if Toronto fails to extend Jose Bautista’s contract.

Kharshoum, who was dressed in sweatpants and watching an English soccer match in the basement, said he was surprised to see police officers at his door. When they told him they were there because of his tweet threatening the Rogers Centre statue, Kharshoum said he immediately rolled his eyes.

On Feb. 22, Karshoum, who goes by @Torontohooligan on Twitter, posted: “F**king pay the man or I’m throwing the Ted Rogers statue in the harbour you pieces of s**t.”

The tweet linked to a video of Bautista — who is seeking a new multi-million dollar deal before his contract with the Rogers-owned Blue Jays ends at the end of this season — saying he felt he’d given the Blue Jays a “hometown discount” already.

“I know that I said something dumb, and it is not the only dumb thing I’ve said on the internet,” he admits, bringing up another recent post where he suggested a soccer analyst should jump in front of a train — an exaggeration he doesn’t really believe in.