Jon Solomon texted early this morning from the Georgia Dome to report “Chuck Klosterman looks ridiculous in the media area”, but as well all know, there’s more to a Page 2 blogging gig than mere appearances. For instance, there’s the opportunity to let an otherwise anonymous musician speak ill of the dead.

This is the conclusion of an e-mail from someone who was in a band called Stolen Cheesewheel, recounting a brush with fame during the 1990s: “Finally, [this artist] called my friend Emily a dirty name, so I commented, ‘You don’t have to be so bitter. You’re not half the artist your dad was.’ After a brief fight, he left, and we all left shortly after. That night, he went for a swim in the Mississippi River and drowned … I’m not telling you this as any kind of confession. I did not kill Jeff Buckley. But the funny thing is that there are people in Memphis who believe [my friend and] I chased him from the bar and threw him in the river. We were, in fact, confronted several times for just that. I just thought you seemed like someone who would be interested in an anecdote concerning the end of a talent.”

Indeed I am.

Wow. Coming later today — Black Market Baby disavow any connection with the passing of Len Bias, AND YOU ARE THERE!