Sunday’s Chargers/Saints game at Wembley Stadium isn’t merely a crucial battle between a pair of underachieving sides, it also affords the the local media with innumerable fish-in-a-barrel opportunties to mock the fuck out of American football. Or at least the game’s trappings, as evidenced by the Guardian’s Tom Lutz giving a pair of New Orleans cheerleaders the third degree.


You reached the holy grail of cheerleading last night when you appeared at Watford v Cardiff. Small Talk imagines it will be a comedown when you have to go back to the Louisiana Superdome.
DiAnne (above, left) : [Possibly uttering the phrase for the first time in history] Watford was fun! The fans really enjoyed us and cheered us on. We love dancing.

Yeah, but Watford is a bit, well, Watford.

DiAnne: [Conceding the point slightly] It was a bit muddy, but we still had fun. It was great.

On to world issues now. Who’s going to win the US election?

DiAnne: [Politely but firmly] We don’t talk about politics. [Rapidly changing subject] We do Saints politics though and they’ll win on Sunday!

George Bush used to be a cheerleader, who’d make a better one: Dubya, Barack Obama or John McCain? Who admittedly can’t raise his arms above his head, but there you go.
Ashlyn (above, right) : All three.
DiAnne: We’d put all three on the team.

But John McCain can’t raise his arms above his head¦
Ashlyn: It’s just like our team, everyone brings something different. It makes a team a team.
DiAnne: Exactly, we’re different ages and different looks and it adds to the uniqueness.