Montreal 5, Carolina 5 (OT, 9 minutes left)

There’s something strangely satisfied about the hottest game to take place in the state of North Carolina this year featuring neither Jake Delhomme nor JJ Redick. The Hurricanes spotted Montreal a 3-0 first period advantage, but it’s been absolutely insane ever since. If you know anyone who has NHL Center Ice, right about now would be a good time to enter their house with a gun or a knife (or alternatively, a bag of chips if you’re on speaking terms).

Over at the Continental Receeding Hairlines Arena, the Rangers had no Jaromir Jagr, no Darius Kasparitis, no Henrik Lundqvist, and most importantly, no way in hell of stopping John Madden.

Though the Devils have never relinquished a 2-0 lead in a playoff series, that’s kinda like saying Karl Rove has never stopped breathing. It’ll happen someday.