Thanks to the eagle-eyed Brian Turner for picking up on this cataclysmic event in rock history. From the Boston Globe’s Jim Sullivan, the man who put the word “post” in front of the word “punk”.

Singer-guitarist Glenn Danzig is known for fronting the dark metal band Danzig, but between 1977 and 1983 he was infamous for leading the splatter-punk band the Misfits, a unit that staggers on with one original member, Jerry Only. Danzig and Only had a falling out long ago, and Danzig calls today’s Misfits ”atrocious,” but he is reuniting with ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (Only’s brother, above) for three gigs on this tour, the first of which is tonight at the Roxy. (Frankenstein will join Danzig for a half-hour set of Misfits ”hits.” The band Danzig will play for 90 minutes.) How do the two bands, Misfits and Danzig, relate? ”I don’t know if they do,” Danzig says. ”The only relationship is that Misfits was my first pro band and maybe songs I was writing then set this whole thing in motion. It was music that no one was doing at the time.” The all-ages show starts at 7. Kataklysm, Trivium, and Eyes of Fire open. Tickets: $25.