From Oakland’s Channel 5 :

The lawyer for former Oakland Raiders tight end Marcus Williams told a jury today that former teammate Bill Romanowski’s attack on Williams at a team practice is “a case about brutal violence beyond the rules of football.”

In his opening statement in Williams’ multi-million dollar lawsuit against Romanowski in Alameda County Superior Court, James Brosnahan said in the incident at Raiders facilities in Alameda on Aug. 24, 2003, Romanowski ripped off Williams’ helmet and punched him, shattering his left orbital socket and causing mild traumatic brain injury.

Williams, now 27, also suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, Brosnahan said.

Brosnahan said the incident occurred after a routine play in which Williams blocked Romanowski, who was a linebacker.

Brosnahan said Romanowski was in a bad mood that day, swore at Williams and told his teammate, “Don’t you ever bleeping hold me again,” and attacked him.

I am personally lobbying the NFL to have all of Romo’s assaults on opponents and teammates noted with an asterix in the league record books.