The exploits of Garrett Wittels and, uh, Isiah Thomas aside, who amongst us hasn’t stayed up late at night wondering when Florida International University’s athletic program would receive more column inches?  Hello, anybody?  The Miami Herald’s Pete Pelegrin (above) previously covered FIU sports  and upon see his contributions routinely minimized, fired a doozy of a parting shot at his former paymasters. Here’s some excerpts from Pelegrin’s final blog post, since deleted by the Herald (link swiped from Rumors & Rants)

I™ve always believed when you undertake an assignment or any kind of work that you value, you have to dedicate yourself 100 percent to it to make sure it™s done right or don™t do it at all.

By only being able to cover FIU on a part-time or less basis “ as is the case now “ I cannot provide you the type of coverage you have been accustomed to the last 9 years.

Hell, they even took my photo and name out from the front of the blog and replaced it with some hokey logo “ not even the FIU sports logo. At least, get the FIU sports logo right if you’re going to do this.

And if the blog was really going to be maintained by just me like the Dolphins and Hurricanes blogs are by their sole respective on-line writers, then why change the blog slogan from Pete Pelegrin covers FIU sports to œWe™ve got FIU sports covered.

Plus, the paper™s schedule for me to go out to an FIU game or practice has been whittled down to being very limited with the new non-FIU duties I have been assigned — as you were able to tell by me not being at the Sun Belt Conference Baseball Tournament in late May.

So therefore, I am leaving the paper today and getting out of the newspaper business altogether.

I just thought it was important for you loyal FIU readers to know that FIU doesn™t always get a fair shake with this paper.

Maybe the green and orange Miami Herald sign (photo, left) on the right field wall of UM™s Mark Light Field has something to do with it. Who knows? I sure don™t see any Miami Herald signage on any FIU Stadium, ballpark or arena.