Unless James Dolan has drank himself into such a stupor he can no longer read the newspapers or watch television, there’s no possible way the Straight Shot’s main man could be happy with his decision not to settle out of court with Anucha Browne-Sanders. And who knew the Self-Proclaimed No. 1 Point Guard In The NBA was such a classy dude? From the New York Daily News’ Thomas Zambito and Corky “Don’t Call Me Romano” Siemaszko.

Nervous Knicks star Stephon Marbury took the stand today in the explosive $10 million sex-harassment suit that’s rocking the Garden and admitted he lured one of the female accuser’s subordinates into his car.

Marbury did not say explicitly they had sex as they sat parked outside a Manhattan strip joint, as fired Knick exec Anucha Browne Sanders has claimed.

“We got together right across the street,” Marbury testified in Manhattan Federal court.

The point guard made the admission after Browne Sanders, who claims Knicks coach Isiah Thomas fired her in January 2006 for daring to hire a lawyer, broke down on the stand for the first time in the bruising trial.

Browne Sanders grew weepy as she described how the intern, a St. Johns University student named Kathleen Decker, was subjected to a filthy come-on by Marbury’s cousin, Hassan Gonsalves. Browne Sanders said Decker told her she later wound up in Marbury’s car and the two had sex.

“Anucha, if it was anyone else I would have walked away,” Decker said, according to Browne Sanders. “I felt like I had to.”

Wiping away tears, Browne Sanders added, “She basically did whatever he asked her to do. She considered it to be consensual because she agreed to get in the car.

“Marbury admitted calling Browne Sanders a “bitch” after she refused to give him more game tickets for his friends and family.

“She told me that this is not Phoenix or New Jersey, we’re not doing things like that here,” Marbury said, referring to the places where previously played professional basketball.

Afterward, as Marbury raced to a blue Rolls-Royce trailed by reporters, he called the trial a “tough situation” and refused to speculate on the possible outcome. “It’s not for me to judge,” he said.

Marbury tried to change the subject by making fun of the reporters’ ties and shoes, noting that he was wearing expensive tan lace-ups, then drowning out the pesky questions by breaking into song.

“I got some new Starburys that are coming out,” Marbury said before disappearing, a pitch for his reasonably-priced basketball shoes.

Earlier, Browne Sanders, a 44-year-old former Northwestern University basketball star who is the Knicks’ former marketing vice-president, described how Gonsalves allegedly harassed Decker in Nov. 2005.

“You look good in those pants,” Gonsalves allegedly said, according to Sanders. “I bet that p—y looks good too.”