Former Newsday columnist Jon Heyman is now weaving his magic over at Sports At first glance, either the change of venue has aged Heyman by twenty years, or perhaps Time Warner has a stricter policy regarding byline photographs than the Tribune Corp.

In addition to raising questions surrounding Alfonso Soriano’s suitors, and the A’s supposed asking price for Barry Zito (Lastings Milledge and Aaron Heilman!), Heyman drops the following tidbit.

Scott Schafer, the Mets’ sixth-round pick, had to settle for a below-slot $150,000 after posting himself on in a Mets cap, and espousing vulgar things. What he said was objectionable enough for well-respected agent Matt Sosnick to drop him as a client.

Sheesh. Talk about much ado over zilch. Having read Jerry Crasnick’s “License To Deal”, I’ll submit that it is Schafer who has dodged the bullet. Sosnick might be “well respected”, but in addition to coming off like a complete tool in much of Crasnick’s fluffy bio, his own school days included a bona fide gambling problem, along with a lucrative history in ticket scalping. But it’s the kid who says “hey, check out my cock” that gets the grief. What a fucked up universe.