A cursory scan of the always-informative Hoops Hype revealed today that C Sofoklis Schortsanitis — who proved unstoppable in Greece’s semifinal upset of Team USA during the just concluded FIBA World Championships, can be had for a $500,000 buyout of his remaining deal with Olympiakos.

Then again, wouldn’t you really prefer another year of Jerome James and Eddy Curry?

Even on a relatively slow Monday, however, this wasn’t the hottest find at Hoops Hype.

Mindblowing enough that this Fall will bring us new TV shows starring James Woods, Ray Liotta, Andrew “Dice” Clay and Tom Sizemore.  But according to the above adverisement found at H.H., we can look forward to the long-rumored Doug & Jackie Christie Show.

Over at Jackie Christie.com, there’s no shortage of helpful advice that may or may not be applicable to CSTB’s readership. All of this stuff is old hat to me, but some of you might need the help.


Open communication is a must. Not only to have a healthy and peaceful relationship but also a fulfilling one. We recommend not holding in things that bother you but rather share your concerns no matter what and always be willing to compromise.

Romantic Dates

There are many romantic places to go out and eat or see a play but we find staying in and cooking for ourselves, having a glass of champagne with a few strawberries dipped in chocolate to be our romantic date of choice.


Clothing is truly a personal preference, but one thing we recommend is to put comfort first. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will exude confidence. No matter what your choice is for that day, it will surely look great. Color is very important! Make sure that you are wearing colors that compliment your already fabulous skin tone.