Rog writes, “I almost lost my frigging mind when I read the first few paragraphs of Scoop Jackson’s ‘edgy’ take on the Roger Clemens diva treatment. He boldly takes on the media (it takes huge nads to do that; hardly anybody would dare to criticize such an untouchable institution. LOL, etc..) while ignoring the fact that plenty of media and bloggers have been bitching about Clemens’ deal for weeks. He makes The Sports Girl look like a frigging genius by comparison.”

Indeed, while I’m loathe to jump on the Scoop-is-fulla-poop bandwagon (mostly because there’s only standing room available), Jackson’s latest effort is beyond incredible.

I watched, I listened, I read, waiting for someone — anyone — to say something; to break down how selfish Roger Clemens really is to continue to treat the game this way. The game of baseball, the one America holds so dearly to its heart. Instead, nothing. The only point of national contention seems to be a “freedom clause” in his contract that allows him to go home on off days.The media — the people who are supposed to be the voices of reason, the protectors of the sanctity of sports — collectively have acted as if Roger Clemens’ signing with the Yankees was about Roger Clemens’ signing with the Yankees. The media is failing to recognize this is about how one man not only has put an “I” in team, but put a “me” in MLB and “myself” in professional sports.

Roger Clemens is without question the most selfish athlete of our time.

Either that, or he’s the most celebrated pimp in professional sports.

Amongst those who took issue with Clemens : Mike Vaccarro, Curt Schilling, Phil Garner, Dave Stewart, David Wells…and that’s just the list I came up with off the top of my head. I have no problem with Scoop taking a shot at the Rocket, but the latter is anything but a sacred cow these days, either with the media or his peers.