Atlanta took a 4-2 decision over the Caps Tuesday night, but the real numbers to remember are 10 fighting majors, 176 penalty minutes, 3 suspensions and more than $40K in fines.

Thanks to the NHL’s deal with YouTube, the above footage might stick around for more than a few days.

Of new Rangers acquisition Brad Isbister, Hartford’s most dilligent beat(down) reporter Sidearm Delivery observes,

A Wolf Pack team with hardly any Europeans– much less a single Russian player– gets another big, useless, underachieving North American guy that we can all boo heavily until the day he either scores a goal or beats up somebody.

Ref Kerry Fraser is back in the NHL after a rehab stint in the AHL, and he’ll be wearing a helmet for the first time in his 33 year career. Writes Orland Kurtenblog’s Mike Halford,

Did you even realize that Kerry Fraser hasn’t been doing NHL games this year? I guess the plethora of theatrics provided by other zebras (here’s looking at you, Mick McGeough) has taken the spotlight away from hockey’s answer to Conan O’Brien’s hair?

As a Vancouverite, it’s tough to narc on Fraser’s hairdo when we were privy to years of Mark Crawford’s homage to Kurt Warner’s wife.