Marc Perlman, who only reads FHM for the articles, forwards the following, but not before adding “I don’t understand why he wasn’t motivated to win a Cy Young.”

ANNA: If you win one, you can do anything you want to me. I™ll do anything.
KRIS: You made that promise to me, what, a year-and-a-half ago?

ANNA: That™s 50 free times up the ass for real. I™m just saying.
KRIS: Jesus.

The Orioles are leading the Dodgers, 5-2 through 5 innings. There’s no radio or TV action on this one, so I can’t even guess as to whether or not Kris Benson’s getting any work (of the traditional variety) in.

Boston’s Matt Ginter, last seen spearheading the New Weird America movement so beloved by The Wire, just allowed a 3 run HR, as the Pirates lead the Red Sox, 6-1 through 5. I didn’t see who took Ginter deep, but whoever ends up with an arrow in one of their tires is probably the responsible party.