(the late Marty Glickman, thrilled that someone still cares)

Though admitting his MSG attendance is somewhat predicated on stalking Salmon Rushdie’s ex-wife, The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola respondeds to a Dolan flack’s accusation that he “doesn’t like the Knicks” by essentially saying, “damn right, I don’t”.

¢ The team I grew up rooting for has become a running joke.
¢ Few in the organization care about the team™s history.
¢ Patrick Ewing doesn™t work for them.
¢ They have had seven straight losing seasons.
¢ James Dolan once said that œthe worst year yet was 1999; yes the year they reached the NBA Finals.
¢ Isiah Thomas thinks he™s doing a great job.
¢ Stephon Marbury thinks he™s done nothing wrong.
¢ They don™t play defense.
¢ They ripped out the Marty Glickman radio booth for the sake of the almighty dollar.
¢ Few of the players have earned the fat contracts they™ve received.
¢ They are 19-48 in an Eastern Conference that except for three teams “ Boston, Detroit and Cleveland “ has to be the worst ever. How can the Knicks not even be in playoff contention in mid-March?

Yes, I must confess, I hate the Knicks. These Knicks.

Peter Vecsey claims Rafer Alston’s mom requested a photograph of the Post’s hoops columnist….so she could burn it. So much for print journalism being a dead medium.

While J.E. Skeets paid homage to “Little Britain” with a preview of tonight’s Celtics/Rockets clash, I can’t help but wonder how the Maloof Brothers might feel about Rick Adelman’s Coach Of The Year candidacy. Though I keep hearing “the last time the Rockets lost, the Patriots were still unbeaten” repeated on the radio, I’d put it a bit differently.

The last time Houston lost, we still hadn’t found out just how badly “Cloverfield” sucked.