While we await the results of Henry Abbott bumrushing the Mavericks’ locker room tonight, Dallas Basketball.com’s Mike Fisher overheard the following bit of levity last Wednesday.

œGermany has produced lots of champions!™™ laughs Dirk Nowitzki as he enters the locker room after yet another Mavs victory.

œReally? Name one!™™ challenges Jason Terry.

œWhat about Max Schmeling?™™ offers Dirk, name-checking the great heavyweight champion boxer of the 1930™s.

Replies Terry, a rather astute sports historian: œHe beat Joe Louis once, but then came the rematch, and it was the big one, and (Schmeling) couldn™t win the big one!™™

And then, out of nowhere, a third voice tries to settle the faux feud.

œYeah!™™ giggles Malik Allen. œAnd what about Hitler?™™

And all the Mavs within earshot crack up, another joke told, another victory secured, another intangible bond maybe solidified.

I’m sure you’re as shocked and offended as I am. Dirk’s never heard of Franz Beckenbauer?