If you’re thinking my posting of the below story is just a cheap, lousy excuse to employ the above head, you’re totally right.  With no light on the horizon in terms of a promotion to the parent Cubs, Iowa (PCL) 3B Ian Stewart took to Twitter last night to express his displeasure with the organization.  As the Tribune’s Paul Sullivan explains, Stewart might be insubordinate and disrespectful, but at least he’s accessible to the fans.

After going 1-for-3 with an RBI double Monday night at Triple-A Iowa, Stewart vented his frustration on Twitter, blaming Sveum for his status and saying the organization is letting him “rot” and “might as well release me.”

Stewart’s late-night Twitter rant began when a fan tweeted him and asked if there was “any word when you’re heading back to Chicago.” Stewart replied: “Probably never.”

Stewart, a prolific tweeter, was replying to tweets from followers, and explained to one his reasoning for saying he’s “probably never” returning to the Cubs: “I said that because the Cubs are done with me. There (sic) going to let me ROTT (sic) in AAA all season and then non tender me after.”

When someone told Stewart to “just keep grinding … and rake,” he made reference to Cubs third baseman Luis Valbuena by responding: “I honestly believe if Valbuena were to get hurt they wouldn’t call me up. Back up. Just MHO.”

One person tweeted Stewart to say he was “worthless” and should “quit baseball.” Stewart replied: “why would I quit. I’m making 2 mill in AAA like u would give that up by quitting.”

Yesterday’s correspondence and today’s resulting suspension without pay come almost a month after Stewart essentially told the Des Moines Register, well, the exact same thing (“from my vantage point, it looks like they’ve moved on…it’d almost be a surprise if they called me up, because they’ve pretty much decided Josh Vitters is the third baseman”)