While I’m pretty sure my cat has more business tossing a spiral than The Vanilla From Manilla — and he’s got more enlightened views on abortion, too! — I’m not particularly wigged out over New England signing The 25-Year-old Virgin to a two year deal with no guaranteed money. At least part of the reason Tim Tebow caused such a stir in The Swamp was the monumental ineptitude of Mark Sanchez, not to mention the J-E-R-K-S’ inability to disguise how their head coach and ownership weren’t on the same page regarding Tebow’s acquisition. There’s no such potential drama in the works in New England. The incumbent QB is arguably as big a media sensation as Timmy Can’t Throw (and while I’m no football expert, I understand he’s won a few important games, too) and anyone who thinks Bill Belichick (above) would sacrifice focus or harmony for column inches probably isn’t the Hooded Casanova’s escort to a Bon Jovi concerto.

All of that said, I’m happy to have found yesterday’s column by CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco. I didn’t think there was anyone in sports journalism with a more irrational, near-pathological distaste for Tim Tebow than me, but it seems I’m not even in the ballpark.

I heard one guy on a national network say the Patriots love tough, smart football players, which is why Tebow was signed. Uh, Tebow might have one of those traits, and it isn’t the second one.

There’s almost a fear of talking about Tebow’s football intelligence. Other players get lit up for their supposed poor football IQ. Not him. Yet when I talk to coaches, players, and other staff about Tebow’s football smarts, they say he is lacking in that department.

Why do you think he wore an armband in Denver? Was it stylish?

Good for Tebow that he landed a job. I have no idea what he will do with the Patriots. My guess is that this ends badly, and they will have to do the unthinkable when they find out he can’t play anywhere and let him go.

But at least Belichick did Urban Meyer a favor and, in the process, did Tebow one, too. At least he’s geographically a lot closer to Canada now.