CSTB’s highly unofficial-not-affiliated-with-SXSW-in-the-slightest event on Wednesday, March 17 has already been noted in this space, but it appears Cumbucket Media has an insatiable appetite for promoting poorly attended afternoon rock shows.

Have Tommy Keene & Grant Hart ever shared a stage before? Is this a 2010 event or an attempt to reunite Austin area subscribers of The Bob? All kidding aside, both gentlemen are very much at the height of their creative powers, as recent albums & shows have evidenced. Simple Circuit, Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves and The Zoltars round out the more tuneful portion of the afternoon, all of ’em in world-class form. Monterrey, Mexico’s XYX, no strangers to Austin stages, are on a good day, the best band in the world. Presumably, they have bad days, too. They’re only human.

Austin’s Dikes Of Holland were recently disparaged by a local blogger as “atonal…obnoxious” and guilty of “malicious drilling repetition” Hey, one man’s bad review is another’s tip for the top. Frankly, I’d like to meet the person responsible for this review and beat his brains in, but it seems someone’s already done the job.

Between 12:10 and 12:35, the Air Traffic Controllers will be tuning up.